Sunbelt Spas

The Forever Swimming Machine
Swimming, water jogging, aqua aerobics and resistance exercises are all great cardiovascular workouts, and they’re about as low-impact as you will find. Combine these fitness benefits with the lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, and deep muscle relaxation of aqua massage therapy, and you’ve got the fabulous Sunbelt Swim Spa. Check out theses models:

The Olympia – For the swimming enthusiast. An extended swim area and special swim lane features for the dedicated swimmer.

The Luxury – Seats 6 in the extended spa section, with generous workout room in the swim section.

The QX4 — The QX4 is the ultimate back yard machine… This new Swim Spa is really three spas in one… a powerful 4 jet waterway workout machine and a 48 Hydro-Jet 5 seat Therapy Spa complete with the exclusive Sunbelt Wave Machine. These two zones are separated by a clear removable wall that allows both zones to be used at the same time. Each zone is complete with its own perfect temperature and water jet settings. Remove the wall and this spa is converted into the perfect family spa that is so big you can even invite the neighbors.

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