DreamMaker Spas


Dream Maker Spas were designed for one reason: So everyone, no matter what income level or space restrictions, can enjoy hot, therapeutic water on demand!

Dream Maker Spas builds 11 models ranging from 4 to 6-person spas. The average weight of a Dream Maker Spa is 230 lbs., lighter than most consumer spas. They can be picked up and moved anywhere: On your deck, patio, balcony, sunroom, dock, wherever you choose! All you need is a 110 volt–15 amp outlet to enjoy your Dream Maker Spa!

Dream Maker Spas is one of the largest manufacturers in the world to produce 110 volt– 15 amp spas. This gives you, the consumer, the ability to choose form a variety of high-quality Dream Maker Spas to place anywhere–even take it on vacation with you! Don’t be surprised when the next time you go to a Nascar race, you see several Dream Maker Spas in the infield or at the RV parks! Many of our customers take them along to those races with their Winnebago’s. However, the main reason this spa was designed is so you can relax before or after work in warm, therapeutic water for an affordable price.

All Dream Maker Spas are manufactured out of rotationally molded plastic, a type of plastic that is basically indestructible and are foam filled, so they can endure even the toughest winters and hottest summers.

In addition, Dream maker Spas is one of only several manufacturers to have a national warranty service center through TAW: No matter where you live or who you purchased your spa from, TAW will warranty your Dream Maker Spa.

DREAM MAKER x-400 Series



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