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Bullfrog’s spas are the world’s only spas equipped with the patented JetPak System™. JetPak technology delivers incredible power, maximum versatility and allows you to upgrade your spa’s jetting with new JetPaks, both now and in the future.

Because of this innovated system, Bullfrog Spas are virtually leak-proof and are extremely energy efficient. We use 90% less plumbing and have eliminated diverter valves, which in return gives Bullfrog Spas more power than the competition. This cutting edge technology gives you peace of mind to enjoy the ultimate reason for purchasing a hot tub… deserved rest & relaxation!

Bullfrog Spas are leak-proof and powerful

Our Unique System – The JetPak System
One of the most important parts of the JetPak System is the JetPak. JetPaks are essentially removable jetted seat backs that are designed to fit into any seat in your Bullfrog Spa. This revolutionary technology has been hailed by experts as the most significant advancement since the invention of the portable hot tub.

Customizable – Bullfrog Spa jetting is custom-designed by selecting the JetPaks that are right for your individual preferences.

Interchangeable – Whether you are 3’6” or 6’3”, you can sit in the seat that is appropriate for your body size and still have the jets of your choice by interchanging JetPaks between seats. The best jets in the best seat, a feature available only in a Bullfrog Spa!

Upgradeable – As your individual therapy needs change, you may wish to modify your spa in the future. Simply purchase new JetPaks to create a new spa, at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new spa.

The only spa with a truly watertight story!
To install jets in a conventional spa, holes are drilled into the spa shell. Each jet becomes a potential leak point as the integrity of the shell has been compromised. Such leaks can waterlog the underside of the spa causing serious damage.

Bullfrog’s exclusive LeakGuard design provides unmatched security against leaks. Jets are fitted into removable JetPaks instead of being drilled into the spa shell. The shell remains intact and watertight! All JetPak plumbing is contained within the spa; therefore if a leak did occur, it would be contained inside the walls of the spa where
it would not cause damage. If service is ever needed, plumbing is easily accessed behind each JetPak. No other spa offers this much peace of mind.

PowerPlus™ Plumbing

Less plumbing means more power!

Every spa in the world uses long networks of pipe to carry water from the pumps to the jets. Many of these conventional spas use diverter valves to shut down half of the spa in order to give the necessary jet power to the other half. This is a huge inconvenience.

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