Taking your backyard pool over the top: Featured on Riverhead Local

Taking your backyard pool over the top by Laurie Nigro Adding a pool to your backyard used to be enough for summer fun. Your big decision was in-ground or above ground, chlorine or salt water. Maybe you pondered over a deck instead of a cement patio. That was then, this is now. The classic backyard has been kicked up a notch, or maybe a lot of notches. Islandia Pools owner John Wysoczanski not only sells many cool pool upgrades, but has them in his own backyard. The yard features colored lighting, waterfalls and everything in between. So which one is Wysoczanski’s favorite? “If you ask my grandkids, they’d say the deck jets,” Wysoczanski said, “the kids love it.” Deck jets are specialized jets that, according to Pentair Pools, “create a graceful arc of water that enters the pool with a gentle splash. The stream seems to appear magically from the pool deck since the jet installs flush and out of sight.” “My favorite is being able to control my pool remotely,” Wysoczanski said. With the Pentair ScreenLogic Mobile app, available for iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, he can set the pools temperature, adjust the lighting and control the deck jets, from anywhere in the world. Now let’s take a look at some of the incredible things that you can do to make your pool area go way beyond ordinary: 1. Waterfall – A waterfall has become one of the most popular features in any pool. It could a modern looking sheet of water falling subtly into the pool or a rustic rush of water crashing over rocks. The possibilities...

LIPA offers pool pump rebates: Islandia Pools Featured

Real Estate: LIPA offers pool pump rebates By Jennifer Gustavson | 07/28/2013 10:00 AM | Business, Real Estate, Top News BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | John and Boanne Wysoczanski’s pool at their Baiting Hollow home has the added feature of deck jets. Own a pool and on the fence about replacing the pump this season? Consider purchasing a new energy-efficient model now — while the Long Island Power Authority’s rebate of up to $400 is, like the weather, still hot. LIPA officials said they hope the new mail-in rebate offer will encourage pool owners to replace their single-speed pumps with Energy Star-rated equipment. The updated models operate more efficiently and at the lowest speed necessary to filter swimming pools. Energy Star was established in 1992 as part of the Clean Air Act and is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program to promote energy conservation. Products earning an Energy Star label have been certified through tests conducted by EPA-recognized laboratories, according to Energy Star’s website. BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | After the Wysoczanskis installed a new pool pump, they got a $400 rebate from LIPA. A traditional pool pump’s motor speeds are typically unchangeable and are usually set higher than is required to circulate water and clear debris, LIPA officials said. The authority is offering two different mail-in rebates: a $150 rebate for a two-speed pool pump and a $400 rebate for a variable-speed pump. John Wysoczanski, owner of Islandia Pools in Riverhead, said he took LIPA up on its offer last week and installed a new pump in his own pool in Baiting Hollow. “A lot more people are thinking about it because of the rebate,” he...

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